Sustainable Oils has emerged as the global leader in research, production and market development.Since Sustainable Oils has focused on developing elite varieties of the unique oilseed crop, which fits into cereal production systems worldwide as a beneficial broadleaf rotation crop. Gives wheat farmers an opportunity to use their current equipment and land to generate 25-30% more revenue over a 36 month production cycle than traditional practices. The crop is used to produce a high-quality, non-food and non-GMO meal and vegetable oil needed by the rapidly growing bio industrial market. Traditionally grown in rotation with row crops or cereals and historically has not been grown for human consumption, so it circumvents the "food versus fuel" and "indirect land use change" discussion affecting other oilseed feedstocks.Sustainable Oils has been a leader in the development of several exciting new markets for based biofuels, the newest being aviation. As the most tested and scalable option for drop-in replacement of petroleum based jet fuel, the potential to become one of the most popular green fuels on the market by meeting our increasing need for alternative energy with value-added agriculture.

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